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Did you know that your current home insurance policy might not cover any damage from floods? Unfortunately, many homeowners don't realize that they are not covered for most forms of water damage until it is too late, and this can result in a lifetime of financial difficulties. With the proper flood insurance policy, however, you can rest assured that your home and your possessions will be covered no matter what the future has in store.


Protecting Your Home From Flood Damage

Even a relatively minor flood can cause a tremendous amount of damage in a short period of time. In addition to damaged possessions, your home could be unlivable for weeks or even months on end. This is why all homeowners should speak with their insurance agent about the likelihood of a flood in the area. Homes that are located in a moderate-risk area or an SFHA (special flood hazard area) should always have flood insurance. In a special flood hazard area, homeowners might be legally required to add flood coverage to their current policy.


Determining What Is Covered

These policies are typically broken down into two distinct components. The first component provides coverage for the structure of the home itself. This includes damage to the walls, HVAC system, plumbing, foundation, and ceiling. The second component is much more flexible and will provide coverage to any personal possessions on the property. Homeowners can choose practically any amount of coverage for their belongings depending on exactly what they keep inside their home.


What Qualifies as a Flood?

When it comes to this type of coverage, floods are defined in a very specific manner. Water damage to your home or property will not always be covered by this type of insurance. As a general rule, the flood must damage at least two acres of land or at least two pieces of private property including your own. The water must also come from a very specific location. This includes mudflows, an unusual accumulation of runoff water, overflowing inland waters, and tidal waters.


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