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Boat coverage addresses any losses associated with marine equipment, transport trailer, marine equipment or jetski incidents. All policies can be customized to meet your specific protection needs and lifestyle requirements.


Who it is for

Anyone who has a boat for recreational use should consider getting this form of coverage to avoid any losses. If you currently have boat insurance, know that it will only cover losses up to a certain point. Any losses over the coverage limits provided for in the boat policy will have to be handled out of pocket. These losses can get to be quite costly for the boat owner, so additional protection designed specifically for the boat is strongly encouraged.


How it works

The typical homeowner policy only covers damage to a boat if the incident happens on the property. Boat insurance offers a higher level of coverage for accidents and property damage that can occur while in transit or physically parked at another location. A typical policy will cover emergency services, protective repairs, hurricane emergency removal, and recovery charges.


Different types of coverage in existence

Liability coverage bodily injury or property damage claims made. Additional coverage options handle personal effects, fishing equipment and any clothing. There are also coverage options for partial losses involving a boat that don’t count against the specific policy.


Major benefits

This type of policy covers the boat while it is in storage, in transit, or in the water. The protection offered handles any form of loss. Those who own boats valued at $10,000 or more can avoid out of pocket expenses for claims if they have boat coverage in addition to homeowner’s insurance protection.


The boat policy covers protects against liability claims if someone gets injured while a passenger on the boat. The policy also covers any replacement costs associated with any accident involving the owner. Boat policies cover the policyholder and their equipment regardless of their location for any amount specified.

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